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Proper measurements ensure a proper fit. Make sure you are standing, wearing the socks or stockings you will wear with your new shoes. Using one of the following charts, convert your inches measurement to your U.S. shoe size or Euro shoe size. Use this conversion to order from our European-Sized Brands.

men and women's shoes size chart

kid shoes size

Note: The tables above are for your reference only; For your WIDTH reference, please see the WIDTH chart below.

LT Dancers run strictly American Street sizes. Most dancers prefer to choose half (1/2) size smaller shoes if choosing our Ladies Sandal
for dancing. The size charts below are for your reference only. Please make up your own mind for your own choice.

Size Chart -FootAA / Slim (S) – Available lightly in basic styles. LT Dancers does not carry any shoes in these.

B / Narrow (N)- These are available more so in basics and are spread lightly in fashion styles. Most styles begin at length 9 or 10 while most can end at 13. It is very uncommon to find a narrow width before length 9 and after length 13. DSOL does not carry any shoes in these.

D / Medium (M) – This width is available in all styles. Your basic run of length begins at 8 and ends at 13.

EE / Wide (W)- This width is generally available in Classics and some Fashion styles. Lengths begin usually at 9 and can end at 11. Wider widths are generally more available than the narrow widths.

Commonly, linear measurements (sole and insole) do not change for numerous widths, but girth measurements do change.

Recommended: Our shoes run American Street size, but for dancing, we recommend you to choose half (1/2) size smaller for Ladies Sandals, as they can easily be stretched out. For Pumps, Men’s Latin & Standard we suggest you to remain the same as your street-size shoes.


Note: A heel style is subject to the height; i.e. If you choose 1.8″ heel height, you will get the heel design of # 3149 for your shoes.

How to use Length Converter to convert “inch” to “centimeter” or vice versa?

1. FROM: Choose “Inch [international, U.S.]” and highlight it;
2. TO: Choose “centimeter” and highlight it;
3. CONVERT WHAT QUANTITY: Type in “figure”, for example: 15.5″ (inches);
4. RESULT: Read the result, for example: 15.5 inch [international, U.S.] = 39.37 centimeter