How to choose a proper pair of Latin dance shoes?

Regarding Latin dance, choosing a good pair of dance shoes is very important. Some dancers think that wearing ordinary high heels or flat bottom shoes can also dance, in fact, this is wrong. For Latin dancers, dance shoes are the soul of dance. Choosing a proper pair of dance shoes starts with the following aspects: the size of the shoes, the height of the heel, the thickness of the heel and so on.

1: About latin dance shoe sizes:

The wrong view:
Many people choose to wear comfortable shoes instead of the right ones. They assume comfortable shoes are the right ones, actually, this is wrong. Here, we are choosing a pair of shoes for dance sport, this is so different from ordinary choose.

First, a pair of Latin dance shoes should be soft-soled. In the process of dancing, the feet back is pressed by the force from movements. If you choose comfortable shoes instead of a bit tight ones, the shoes will become larger when you dance with it several times. So our tips for you are, picking a half smaller size of your regular size when choosing the Latin dance shoes. For example, if you wear size 6.5 for the most time, choose 6 instead.

On the other hand, don’t buy hard-soled dance shoe, instead, you should buy soft-soled shoes with a half size down that will protect your feet very well. When you wear them on your feet during dance, they are integrated with you perfectly. Also, the straps vamp and flexible ankle band are important too, this keeps the foot securely in place during dance, more control and comfort with perfect shock-absorbing insole, then, there will be no worries for toe slipping.

2: The height and thickness of the heel

The wrong view:
Many beginners choose a pair of short-heeled and thick-heeled shoes when they think they couldn’t control the higher heel. Because that type of shoes can stand firm and comfortably, it is the choice of many people. This is also wrong!

When you dance, a good pair of Latin dance shoes will help you to shift the gravity among the sole of the foot, the middle of the foot, and the heel, especially when it is moving forward, it is necessary to place the center of gravity completely on the heel, and then use the fastest speed to move yourself forward. There is a fact that girl’s calf strength is not as good as boys. Therefore, girls should choose a pair of 2.5 inches or 3 inches shoes, this will make it easier to move forward, and it will also be very labor-saving.

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