We all can dance.

We say everyone can dance, only if we possess a pair of right dance shoes that hugs around our feet with stability and flexibility. At Dancine, we believe you should have beautiful dance shoes that makes you want to dance all night. That’s why we partner the best and ethical dance shoe factories with 20 years experiences to make our passionate dream come true. From choosing only the finest materials to opening the true cost of each item we make. This is a very new way of doing things, and the truth is we want to be with our customers, doing things from their perspectives.

One of our co-founders proclaims herself as both dance lover and shoe addict. She tries so hard to find the perfect dance shoes in the U.S. with both reasonable price and exceptional quality. Additionally, instead of sacrificing beauty for comfort, or accepting the less control and stability of low-priced shoes, sadly, there’s no such perfect combination.

Now, after one year of hard-working and preparation, we proudly give you the perfect combination of dance shoes, created to be a gorgeous, professional design to guarantee excellent performance during a long-lasting dance experience. Superior materials are used for better quality and new technology is applied in dance sportswear. We work as a dedicated team to refine the Latin dance shoes, make them more stable, flexible, and fit.

Handmade Latin Dance Shoes
Handmade Latin Dance Shoes

About Factory:
Our Latin dance shoe factory possesses a spacious and well-regulated building in ChongQing, Southwest China. Here, craftspeople work in a clean and lovely environment. They are so concentrated and experienced in what they do. The owner Ms Wu told us that most of the employees have worked here since 1998.


3166 Broaddus Maple Court Avenue,
Madisonville KY 42431,
United States of America

Phone: +1 6263753227
Email: LTdance888@gmail.com